Let’s Stop the Stigma.


Throughout this blog we have discussed many different mental disorders that have bad reputations associated with them. The stigma those with mental illness are labeled with is one that judgmental, hurtful and ignorant. It is up to us, our generation, to stop this use of stigma when it comes to mental illness. We need to get out there and tell, no, shout out to the world that although people may suffer from mental illness, they are not freaks.

Mental illness does not make me less qualified to work, go to school, or even love. While I may have to face challenges in my life that others do not, does not mean that I am any less of a person. I am proud of where I have come in my life and I am more than happy to share my story with anyone who wants to hear it. The kind of world where everyone who suffers from mental health issues feel this way is the sort of world that I am aiming to create.

So let’s do it guys! Let’s spread the world on mental illness. Let’s educate those who do not understand and show them what results in negative stigma. There are so many different ways to get involved in the cause such as joining a community project on spreading the word or even starting one in your own community! We can make a difference in the world with the knowledge that we have on mental illness. I plan on making a difference in the world. I hope you all will join my cause and used what you have learned and your own stories to make a difference.

What are your thoughts on the stigma attached to mental illness? Has it ever affected you? Let us know!


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