There are many different variables that contribute to a person’s overall happiness. Happiness could have to do with how successful you see yourself as or where you are in your life and how far you have gotten. One thing that I learned about happiness from someone that I love very much is that the root of happiness comes from how much love you have for yourself. In the grand scheme of things you cannot expect anyone else to make you happy, that is up to you. You should not rely on things or other people to make you happy because that is a nice way to set yourself up for disaster. And at the same time yes it good to look out for others and to give and make others happy, but when something is at the cost of yourself, your morals, or your happiness, is it worth it?

Your number one priority in all circumstances should be yourself. Personally I have an issue with this at times and have a hard time making myself a priority when it comes down to getting things done. But in all situations, especially as a student suffering from mental illness, you must perform acts of self-love to get through the storm. Practicing showing yourself love and making yourself a priority will take recovery to a whole new level and even give you the drive you may need to push for recovery. Below I have a few ways of showing yourself love and making yourself a priority.


Figure out what it is YOU need.

No more of these “what can I do to make them happy?” scenarios. You have needs that need to be met just as much as every other person and you should not rely on others to fulfill these needs. Figure out what it is that you need to move on and move on. May it be taking a break from everything, maybe a nice day of pampering, or even seeking professional help. Do some self-reflection and really look at yourself. Face the demons inside of you and figure out the next step.

Take days off.

This is something that I also have an issue with doing. The only way to be able to complete any responsibilities that you may have you must be mentally healthy. This will require rest and maybe even taking a break from the world. Take those days of for “me” time and make them a priority.

NO self-shaming.

You are beautiful inside and out- no matter what others are telling you. Do not let the media or family and friends tell you that you are not perfect and don’t let yourself do it either! Be confident in that beautiful body of yours and FLAUNT IT.

Forgive yourself.

The worst person in the world to disappoint is you. If you have inner demons that you are fighting and cannot forgive yourself for something you have done in your past, let it go. People will forgive you. Time will heal the wounds that you may have made. But there is no road to recovery if you cannot find it within to forgive yourself. It will all be okay in the end; if it’s not okay it’s not the end, right?

Do you have any tips on how to show self-love? Let’s hear them!


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